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About Us

The Investment Management Software Experts

Established in 2003, Fundamental Software has grown to become Southern Africa’s leading provider of Investment Management software. Our clients include some of Africa’s most successful Fund Managers, Wealth Managers, Unit Trusts, Mutual Funds, Multi-Managers, Pension Funds, and Administration Services Providers with Assets Under Management exceeding R1 trillion

Our Values

A culture is the sum of all its parts, we ensure we work with like-minded people who share our guiding principles:
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency
  • Commitment to transformation through socially responsible initiatives
  • Increase the power of the team; reduce the power of the individual
  • Technically innovative solutions, through the use of advanced technical tools
  • Evolution, not revolution – learn from our mistakes; build on our experience
  • Pleasurable and consistent client experience
  • Recruit and retain staff who buy into our mission statement and avoid retaining staff who don’t
  • Strive for quality in all we do
  • Ingenuity and sustainability

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be recognised as a world leader in the provision of investment management software and services


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