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3.21 – 44 Release

Niyaz Sadan, 11 February 2015

Our first software release for 2015 is available! My goodness. So what’s included in the publication? Let’s take a closer look. Enhancements FPM’s Money Market Unit Trust pricing workflow can now be customised for mandatory or non-mandatory...

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3.21 – 43 Release

Niyaz Sadan, 19 November 2014

Today sees the introduction of some more great new features for Fundamental Portfolio Manager. Enhancements The first phase of a new standalone module to accommodate the SARS legislative tax requirements regarding interest withholding tax (IWHT)....

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3.21 – 42 Release

Niyaz Sadan, 30 October 2014

Enhancements This release contains a number of performance and stability updates, with specifically notable enhancements, including: Changes to the new asynchronous UI functionality.  FPM now boasts an asynchronous UI which significantly improves...

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