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Fundamental News

DevOps Tools – More than just Scripts and Software

Niyaz Sadan, 27 January 2015

Online discussions on DevOps tend to focus on either what DevOps is and what it isn’t or a specific software tool to achieve automation goals. I like to think that the discussion and the tool set is broader than that. As DevOps matures it is...

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Dressed for success

Niyaz Sadan, 13 March 2015

No, it is not the local Cape Town Mafioso clan meeting but rather the Fundamental development team heeding the call to dress smart for a client visit.  Nice one guys!  

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3.21 – 46 Release

Niyaz Sadan, 5 May 2015

FPM Release 46 has been released and with it comes a host of new features and fixes. Enhancements Portfolio static has a nifty new addition in the security features. Users can now customise the tabs which are visible when access the portfolio static...

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